Journey to a New Home Build


Preface: The Roadmap's Importance

"High Five". This is how our team greets each other-as well as our clients, subs and vendors. What does a “High Five” mean? It means we want to celebrate the victory of building your dream custom home. With over seventeen years of experience, Rachel Brown, the CEO/Owner and her team want to lead you to victory- a home built of great quality and character, well planned design, unique features unlike any other home and energy efficiency and performance. This attitude is equally as important during the one year warranty phase. When we build a home- we choose to commit our team to a long lasting relationship with our clients. We believe in communication and details. We believe in building “awesome”. How do you begin the "Awesome" adventure? We have made that easy for you- check out the steps we have carefully organized below.

Step One

Begin the Feasibility Process

Making the decision to build a custom home is thrilling. It allows you the freedom of:
Designing a home for your lifestyle- today and tomorrow.
Determining the location where you want.
Living Efficiently.
Building around your budget.

Step Two

Make Your Land Choice

Before you meet with our team- we encourage you to begin the search for lots or land that meet the criteria for you and your family to live on. We ask that you take pause before purchasing any land before meeting with our team. We can assist in making sure that the land is viable to be built on for your budget and avoid any underlying financial pitfalls that you may not be aware of.

Step Three

Select the Interior Style

Before meeting with us, take some time to organize a “Design/Desires File”. This file would contain any sample floorplans that you find appealing, such as- pictures from social media or the internet and desirables such as: Audio/Visual needs, Pet space needs, and Hobby space needs.

Step Four

Consider your Amenities

The “Rachel Brown Homes Experience” is like no other. We are passionate about meeting new clients and making their dreams come true. During our meeting we will review (while having cookies, cocktails or milk!):
The choice of bank and financing that you desire.
The lots/land that you desire. (We can help you find land as well)
We will review you “Design/Desires File”.
Introduce you to our systems and processes that we are “famous” for.

Step Five

Choosing Your Home Builder

Once you officially “hire” the Rachel Brown Homes Team”, we begin the “due diligence” of your land via scheduled site visits as well one of the most anticipated steps- begin designing your floorplan with an architect or draftsman. The Rachel Brown Homes team provides Elite design services- with cutting edge technology in 3-D to assist you in making design about the floorplans.

Step Six

Designing House Plans

While designing your floorplans and in preparation for your new home estimate, we will outline your most desirable features and amenities in your custom home. This allows us for a “more accurate” estimate.

Step Seven

Bidding the Construction Work

The Rachel Brown Homes team creates a new home estimate that includes lot/land clearing and site work. It will also include all necessary permits, utilities and complete costs of construction your home. Including appliances and landscaping.

Step Eight

Financing & Signing Contracts

The Rachel Brown Homes team will meet with you to review your new home estimate and solidify final details. We sign the contract and turn it over to your bank to begin the process of appraisal and loan closure.

Step Nine

Final Step Before Construction

The Rachel Brown Homes Team DOES NOT want you to design your home alone! This is what WE specialize in. During this phase, we begin scheduling design appointments to assist you in making selections at our local Vendor’s design studios. Bring on the Lighting Fixtures, Plumbing Fixtures, Appliances and Cabinets!

New Construction Begins!